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Iguana Digging Damage

Green Iguana Nests

Green Iguanas usually dig to lay eggs

Green iguanas usually dig holes to lay their eggs, but may dig to gain access under a fence or wall too.  Green iguana nests usually have a capital "D" (on its side) shaped entry, with a pile of sand outside.  They cover their holes when done, and often return to them to lay again.  More than one female may lay in the same nesting hole.  They can do extensive damage to landscaping.

Cover sandy areas with landscaping rocks to help deter nesting iguanas
Prevention Tip

Green Iguanas may lay eggs up to 3-4 times a year in ideal conditions

Hints you may have nesting iguanas:

  • They prefer to dig in sandy areas

  • They leave a pile of sand where they dug, usually with tail drag marks

  • They return to the same area to dig nest

  • dig burrows in evening often times

Notice the relatively flat bottom to the entry hole and tail drag marks leading outward

Block entry points to your yard like pathways iguanas use under fencing
Prevention Tip

Spiny Tailed Iguanas Love to dig

Spiny tails live in burrows instead of trees

Spiny tailed iguanas prefer to live in burrows and holes.  They will quickly enter pipes on rooftops (coming out toilets), hollows in trees, and any other cavity they may fit in.  They are known to be more aggressive than green iguanas.  Their burrows are often connected and extensive.

To get rid of spiny tailed iguanas on your property call Florida Iguana Solutions.

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