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Plant and Landscaping Damage by Iguanas

Iguanas can cause thousands of dollars of damage to newly planted flowers through a well planted complex in days.  They cause significant damage to lawns by digging holes, especially at sandy edges.  Removal of the iguanas that consider your home their territory can cause a dramatic improvement in your landscaping

Plant damage pictures

Stripped of leaves by yearling iguanas.


Not one flower survived 48 hours along the outside walkways.


This hibiscus is  struggling due to iguana over-eating.


Young iguanas easily climb small branches, to eat flowers.

Bad Iguana!

 Iguanas under 10" were keeping this tree from thriving.

Small Trees

old, well established hibiscus : Large iguanas are killing it

Tips for prevention


Plant toxic plants-

Not to hurt the iguanas, but because they will choose not to eat them. Example: Milkweed


Pickup fallen fruit-

Pickup mangos and other fruit that are on the ground. 


Cutback branches-

When tree branches touch other plants, iguanas have easy feeding access


Remove the iguanas!

Scroll down to see the type of improvement you can see on your property!


Before and After

Save your plants! Remove the iguanas!

Eight adult iguanas were removed from this property during a 10 day period, along with 5 hatchlings (babies).  The mandevilla vine is shown during the initial inspection, before iguanas were removed (Left, or above).  And the same vine less than a week later shows great improvement in the right photo.


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